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Outdoor Dining: How Much of the Restaurant Industry Can be Saved?

You all know the gist already, but to sum it up quite simply: COVID-19 is affecting every aspects of life, all types of businesses, work life, and especially the public’s mental sanity. As we have all recently learned, numbers are beginning to skyrocket again. As businesses open back up and people have reached just about [...]

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Rogers Spotlight: Jeremy Rohl

#EmployeeSpotlight We are so grateful for incredible work from technicians like Jeremy Rohl, this week's Employee Spotlight. Jeremy's dedication to Rogers and hard work does not go unnoticed as he consistently puts in the work to be successful. For this week's Thankful Thursday, Jeremy's Manager has dedicated his spotlight to highlighting three specific Rogers Core [...]

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Is Retail Re-emerging?

Countries around the world are struggling as businesses stay closed amidst the reality of the global pandemic. In countries like Brazil, although their cases may not be as high, the death toll is astronomical. Brazil’s economy relies heavily on tourists and retail and “At the end of April, 10% of the country’s [...]

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Rogers Spotlight: Johnathon Jones

#EmployeeSpotlight This week's Employee Spotlight is Johnathon Jones. His supervisors had nothing but incredible things to say to him, and we believe he deserves all the recognition possible as he consistently puts in the work at Rogers to be successful. Not only to make Rogers a successful business through the craziness of 2020, but to [...]

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Barely Survive or Possibly Thrive: What’s Next for Restaurants?

The effects of COVID-19 on businesses has been a hot blog topic for Rogers as of lately for a couple of main reasons: the most important being the astronomical effect consumer habits and the market have on the industries we serve. Any and all new updates in the sectors we do business [...]

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Rogers Spotlight: John Schuiteboer

#EmployeeSpotlight Incredible work from employees like John Schuiteboer, this week's Employee Spotlight, does not go unnoticed as he consistently puts in the work at Rogers to be successful. We are so proud of his hard work through all of the craziness this year has brought to our Rogers family. We reached out to John's Service [...]

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How Are Merchandise Returns Affecting Retailers?

As consumers spend more and more time at home with their internet browsers bringing retail comfort, online shopping is making a comeback. Retailers have loosened return policies to adhere to the restrictions consumers are facing with returning items in stores and traveling to and from the post office. “Optoro, a Washington, DC-based startup [...]

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Rogers Spotlight: Kevin Hopkins

#EmployeeSpotlight We are so proud of all of the hard work our employees have put in since the beginning of this year and through all of the craziness thrown their way. We realize how lucky we are to have employees like Kevin Hopkins, this week's Employee Spotlight, consistently putting in the work at Rogers to [...]

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Aldi Rolls out Curbside Pickup to nearly 600 Stores

Aldi is one of the many grocery chains adapting to changes in shopping patterns and customer experience amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and their customers are quickly embracing their new plan to roll out their Curbside Grocery Pickups. This new initiative will be rolled out at nearly 600 of their stores in the month of [...]

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Rogers Spotlight: Frank Surrell

#EmployeeSpotlight We believe our hardworking employees deserve all the recognition possible, especially when they are so good at what they do that their managers, our customers, and fellow technicians make a point to share. Our team is proud of employees like this week's Employee Spotlight, Frank Surrell, consistently going above and beyond for Rogers. We [...]

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