Help Desk Remodel

Before and After: IT Remodel Project

As Rogers continues to grow, so does our IT Team. About 2 years ago, we made a big switch and remodeled our entire Alpharetta office space. With that, we created an open concept floor plan for our second floor, remodeled our first floor with new conference rooms, a new clinic, new fitness center, and a new market area. From the bottom all the way up to the third floor, our goal was to create a new, modern workplace with benefits for our employees to take advantage of and enjoy. After a couple of years of enjoying our new space in our Corporate office, our IT Team has now moved upstairs to take over a portion of our third floor. They now have double the space and amenities to account for their growing numbers and further develop their strategies for new technologies for Rogers employees.

Below are photos of our third floor before and after our Help Desk Team moved into this space. We’re excited for this sector of our business to continue to grow and evolve for Rogers employees across the country!