(August 16, 2011) Over the past year, Rogers Services, one of the country’s leading electrical service providers, has repositioned to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations nationwide. In its most recent partnership with WIN Partners, Rogers Services installed an EV charging station at the U.S. headquarters of two Fortune 500 companies. Rogers has also teamed up with Eaton Corporation, as well as Mitsubishi on other EV charging station installation projects this year.

“Rogers Services remains committed to energy conservation and sustainability strategies that are rapidly spreading across the U.S.,” said Chris Rogers, president and chief executive officer of Rogers Services. “Our work with WIN Partners continues to expand our reach in the growing EV market.”

WIN Partners is a nationwide workplace provider and partner for sustainable EV charging solutions. From its easy and reliable installation and design to its continuous on-site support and environmental impact reporting, WIN Partners provides its clients with comprehensive EV solutions. Together with WIN Partners, Rogers recently installed eight EV charging stations at the headquarters of a top U.S.-based, global financial services company, as well as three stations at the headquarters of one of the world’s leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products.

“With an estimated 25 percent of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions coming directly from its employees’ commuting cars, electric vehicles have tremendous potential to reduce a workplace’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jack Corwin, Principal of WIN Partners. “As more and more companies become aware of how they can reduce their carbon footprint, EV charging stations will become standard at every workplace.”