In 2017, Target remodeled 110 of its locations to an updated contemporary store design. As with many retailers, Target strives to keep a fresh look in their stores. Target is in the process of continuing this revamp to multiple departments in their stores across the country. Target turned to Rogers last year to get the job done because Rogers has the nationwide manpower and expertise to fulfill all of their electrical and lighting needs. Rogers performed electrical and lighting roll outs in nearly 50 locations in 2017 and will continue into the new year!

This new age design combines the best of Target’s digital and technology upgrades, with a focus on merchandise presentations and expanding fulfillment services.

Here are some of the standout features:

• One of the biggest changes is adding a second entrance to these stores. One is designed for shoppers who are interested in convenience and a quick trip (with online order pickup and groceries up front). The other, the “inspiration” entrance, is designed for shoppers who aren’t in as much of a hurry. Using this entry, shoppers are immersed in displays with exclusive brands and seasonal themes. This entrance is for all of those who go into Target for a tube of toothpaste and walk out 2 hours later with a cart full of treasures. (Admit it… we’ve all been there!)

• A curved center aisle runs through shops and displays with an aim to make products pop. Concrete floors, pendant and circular lighting treatments and displays at varying heights draw shoppers in as they move through the store. Rogers installed the lighting treatments and displays throughout the stores as well as concrete work prior to moving displays.

• Beauty products, jewelry and accessories are intertwined to create fashion-focused style moments, with special lighting and flooring to make the products stand out. Rogers also worked on special lighting and flooring for these new and improved beauty units in 50+ locations. Rogers has provided creative technicians that think outside the box, which is necessary when remodeling older buildings that are still open for business.

• About 40 of the remodeled stores have dedicated nursing rooms in the fitting room complex to accommodate the every day mother shopping in one of their stores.

• A dedicated order pickup counter is connected to the backroom to help associates pack orders quickly and efficiently for pickup within a few hours to ease the pickup process and make it a convenient experience for customers using the “quick trip” entrance.

• More self-checkout lanes featured to provide more speedy payment options to meet the need for speed of the newer generations.

Rogers was able to provide effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions for Target while maintaining a safe and clean environment for customers and employees. We look forward to continuing pushing forward with these remodels for Target well into 2018!