Top Electrical Contractors of 2019

Out of the top 50 Electrical Contractors of 2019, Rogers came in at a whopping 29th on the list. “Revenue for the EC&M Top 50 began surging in 2014 as the hangover from the financial crisis abated and has grown steadily since. Today, many contractors find themselves happily swarmed with business as virtually all types of construction are being lifted by generally favorable economic trends, including low interest rates, rising real estate values, low unemployment, and relatively strong consumer spending and business investment.” – EC&M, Top Electrical Contractors of 2019.

Rogers is in a huge growth stage at the moment, steadily increasing the amount of work we’re doing for our customers, and in return growing the number of employees not only in our corporate office, but all over the country. We are constantly hiring new technicians, service managers, and multiple other positions to keep up with our fast-paced growth. We are expanding Rogers into different mechanical sectors, while our electrical work is steadily rising this fall. As we continue to grow, we are taking steps to enhance each employee’s experience here at Rogers by revamping our new hire process, rolling out new company-wide core values, and launching events in each of our corporate offices around the country to help bring our employees together.

We are so excited for the future of Rogers, and what tomorrow will bring. Thank you, EC&M for including us in this year’s ranking!