Amazon was looking to complete major remodels in multiple warehouses in Texas and reached out to a general contractor who allowed us the opportunity to bid. The warehouses were performing remodels of the existing training rooms, mother’s rooms, restrooms, and break rooms, requiring extensive electrical work. Though both the GC and Rogers are headquartered on the east coast, our long-standing relationship with the contractor, our familiarity with the Amazon locations, and our heavy presence in Texas (including a corporate office in Dallas) allowed us to build out a proposal that was guaranteed to help Amazon get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.


Rogers created a two-man crew for each site – one in Austin and one in Houston – and carefully planned out just three months to complete all renovations. In both cases, the project was completed on schedule. The project managers worked closely with the GC and the on-site crews to guarantee that there were no challenges, overcoming the most difficult part of the project with ease: turning off the power in the warehouse to make final connections without severely interrupting the warehouse’s production. The crews completed the sites and left both the GC and Amazon with the satisfaction that Rogers had the power to get the job done.