Rogers has provided high quality and prompt electrical service for many years and has recognized a void in the industry for a turnkey provider that specializes in the MEP arena. Work orders that would typically present as electrical, then require the assistance of another contractor, now can get in-sourced within Rogers. We can provide less work orders and contractors for our clients to manage. Rogers maintains an in-house national safety and quality control team to facilitate these jobs. As well as partnering a regional self-performing model with fully licensed and insured national contracted partners to get the job done.

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Our clients require a multifaceted provider that excels as a single-source solution for their immediate services needs.

– 24/7/365 On-Demand Service
– Dedicated Account Management
– Team of Technical Experts for Multi-Trade Scenarios
– Minor and Major Market Reach to Meet your SLA Needs
– Frequent Performance Reporting to Identify Opportunities to Enhance Service
– Proficient with all 3rd Party Portals



Compressors and Condensers
Dampers and Ducts
Evaporator Coils


Asset Managed PM Programs

Our Preventative Maintenance programs are tailored to our clients needs and focus on making the most economical and proactive decisions. Our goal is to manage your air quality to enhance your customer’s experience, increase operable lifespan of your heating and cooling systems, prevent costly repairs down the road and lower your utility bills.


Our PM Programs Focus on the Following

Our Preventative Maintenance programs focus on visual inspections of the entire system, annual belt changing, seasonal coil cleaning, seasonal winterizing, seasonal heat start ups, filter changes that include date coding, asset identification, proactive repair costs for critical components and proactive stocking of critical components.



Cameras and Augers
Drain Service
Faucets and Sinks
Hot Water Heaters and Insta-Hots
Remodel and Rollouts
Water Filtration